In an escape room, use post-it notes to decipher words or other symbols on items that are used as clues.

Own Maze

Next, you should have a storyline. You can draw inspiration from your favorite movies, television shows, books, or even other physical Escape Rooms.

Draw Inspiration

You can draw inspiration from the hidden Mickeys in Disneyland. Make your maze more interesting by using different types of puzzles. Whether it is a jigsaw puzzle or a 3-D maze, the puzzles must be varied in order for players to complete the game.


Remember to create a world that is realistic and enjoyable for your players. You can also incorporate some details about your business, local history, or other unique features of your location.

Another Way

Another way to make your escape room more interesting is to use puzzles that are similar to those in an escape room. One easy and simple way to do this is to make a grid out of scrabble tiles.


A grid of squares with a letter on each square can be very effective. Another way is to use a combination lock. This is a common puzzle in escape rooms, and it is relatively easy to implement.


In an escape room, use post-it notes to decipher words or other symbols on items that are used as clues. These can be posted on books, puzzle pieces, or walls. You can even place a "DONE" post-it on a keypad.


You can also store them in a box for easy access. Also, don't forget to bring pens for the game. Another method for using post-it notes is to print out a picture of an object in the room.


They can also be used as puzzles or challenges in the game. Using post-it notes as clues in an escape room will give the game a more immersive experience and will help people get involved in the game.




If you use a blacklight in your escape room, you can add clues hidden inside the text. Players can read through these clues and point out symbols or objects on the walls and floors. These clues can lead them to a hidden message in the text. Some passages can also have specific words that glow when held up to a blacklight. The blacklight can also be used to reveal hidden messages or clues. For example, a hidden message may be written on the reverse side of a photograph. Other clues may be hidden behind a painting or in a cubbyhole. Using a blacklight in an escape room can also help players find the secret room and a key hidden inside.



Another great way to set up a puzzle using a blacklight is to use lightboxes. This is a good way to set up a blueprint challenge. Players can lay the blueprints on top of one another in order to find the hidden clues. Blacklight games are also great for hidden-object and logic puzzles. An escape room should be a place that makes players feel immersed in the story. They should be so much fun that they may not even realize they are playing. Some rooms may have a leaderboard, so players can compete against one another for the title of “most-solved.”


One of the earliest escape room ideas is to use a blacklight. This blacklight is usually placed in a hidden cabinet and players use it to search for hidden clues. Using the blacklight, players need to move objects around to make sure they are visible. Once players have figured out what the picture is, they can search for it. They can also place a "Pull Here" sign on or under an object to reveal the next clue.

Virtual Escape Room

One way to create a virtual escape room is to use a QR code as the main entrance. You will be able to use the code to direct people around the game map and create background sound effects and riddles.