America’s favorite pet vote 2024 : Voting Guidelines and Top Contenders

america's favorite pet vote 2024

The america’s favorite pet vote 2024 competition brings together beloved cats and dogs annually to compete for $10,000 and the coveted cover of Modern Cat or Modern Dog magazine . This highly anticipated pet animals event is operated by Colossal Management, LLC on behalf of the animal welfare non-profit DTCare .

To enter the america’s favorite pet vote 2024 competition, pet owners must submit photos of their furry companions on the official website by February 6th . Through a multi-round public voting process and fundraiser, the competition aims to crown one feline and one canine Grand Prize Winner, while raising awareness and funds for animal shelters and natural habitats .

Destiny: The Canine Winner

America’s favorite pet vote 2024 The canine winner is Destiny, a therapy dog whose inspiring story of resilience and love will be featured on the cover of Modern Dog magazine . Destiny’s journey to becoming a therapy dog, despite facing challenges as a special-needs pet, has garnered widespread support and admiration from her human dad’s advocacy efforts .

Past Winners

America’s favorite pet vote 2024 The competition also features a ‘Hall of Fame’ section, showcasing past winners like Hunter (’23), Oakley (’23), Willow (’22), and others . These beloved canine companions have left their mark on the competition and continue to inspire pet owners and animal lovers alike.

A Heartwarming Tale

Destiny’s story is one of resilience and unwavering love. As a therapy dog, she has brought joy and comfort to countless individuals, demonstrating the incredible bond between humans and their furry companions . Her journey serves as a reminder of the importance of advocating for special-needs pets and providing them with the care and support they deserve.

Ysera: The Feline Champion

america's favorite pet vote 2024

A Feline Inspiration

Ysera, a special needs cat with a neurodegenerative disease, will grace the cover of Modern Cat magazine, spreading awareness for pets with similar conditions . Her journey to the cover has been an inspiring one, fueled by the unwavering support of her human dad’s advocacy efforts on platforms like TikTok .

Overcoming Adversity

america’s favorite pet vote 2024

Despite facing challenges due to her neurological condition, Ysera has captured the hearts of countless individuals through her resilience and determination. Her supporters have actively campaigned for her to win the America’s Favorite Pet competition, with one of her videos on TikTok garnering an impressive 426.2K views .

Raising Awareness

Ysera’s victory in the competition would not only be a personal triumph but also a significant step towards raising awareness about cats with neurodegenerative diseases . Her story serves as a reminder that every pet, regardless of their unique needs, deserves love, care, and support.

Bellevue cat named Egg a frontrunner for America's Favorite Pet competition

A Heartwarming Tale

Ysera’s journey is a heartwarming tale of perseverance and the unbreakable bond between pets and their human companions. Her presence on the cover of Modern Cat magazine will undoubtedly inspire countless individuals to embrace and advocate for special-needs pets, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they deserve .

Celebrity Guests

Star-Studded Appearances

The america’s favorite pet vote 2024 competition featured appearances by celebrity guests who shared their love for furry companions. Emmy-winning actor Eric Stonestreet and his canine companion Roscoe provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the celebrity dog life . Additionally, Nala Cat, the famous internet feline sensation, shared tips and tricks on how to turn a pet into a social media star .

Eric Stonestreet and Roscoe

Eric Stonestreet, known for his role in the hit TV series “Modern Family,” graced the competition with his lovable dog, Roscoe . The duo offered insights into the world of celebrity pets, sharing their experiences and the joys of being a pet parent .

Nala Cat: The Internet Sensation

Nala Cat, the internet’s beloved feline celebrity, made a special appearance at the competition . With her massive online following, Nala Cat shared valuable advice on how to showcase pets’ unique personalities and build a dedicated fan base .

Inspiring Pet Owners

The celebrity guests’ presence not only added star power to the event but also inspired pet owners to celebrate the unique bonds they share with their furry friends . Their participation highlighted the importance of advocating for animal welfare and raising awareness about responsible pet ownership .

Charitable Cause

The america’s favorite pet vote 2024 is a fundraising campaign operated by, a nationally registered professional fundraiser, on behalf of DTCare, a registered public charity (83-3344803) . The donations raised through online voting go directly to DTCare, a United States 501(c)(3) public charity organization, which then grants the funds (minus competition fees, variable costs, and a nominal percentage retained by DTCare) to the PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) Foundation. Read more.

PAWS: The Beneficiary Nonprofit

PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) is the nonprofit beneficiary of the funds raised through the annual ‘America’s Favorite Pet’ competition . The organization’s mission is to help cats, dogs, and wild animals thrive in happy, healthy homes or in their natural habitats .

  1. PAWS Facilities:
  • Companion Animal Shelter in Lynnwood, WA
    • Cat City adoption center in Seattle, WA
    • Wildlife Center (temporarily closed until May 12th) in Snohomish, WA 
  • PAWS Achievements:
  • Helped unite over 130,000 cats and dogs with loving families
    • Nurtured over 140,000 sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife 

Competition Details

The competition allows participants to vote online for their favorite pets, with the winners receiving a feature on the cover of Modern Cat or Modern Dog magazine and a $10,000 prize . Voters must be at least 18 years old to cast ‘PAWS Votes’ by donation, and there is a strict no-refund policy for votes cast . The competition is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Modern Cat, or Modern Dog magazine .

Competition (nationally registered professional fundraiser)
Beneficiary CharityDTCare (83-3344803), a registered public charity
Nonprofit RecipientPAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society)
Entry RequirementsSubmit pet photos by February 6th on the official website
Voting ProcessMulti-round public voting and fundraiser
WinnersOne feline and one canine Grand Prize Winner
Prize$10,000 and magazine cover feature

By participating in the america’s favorite pet vote 2024 voters contribute to PAWS’ mission of providing care and support for animals in need, ensuring they find loving homes or thrive in their natural habitats .

Sponsor Spotlight

The ‘America’s Favorite Pet’ competition is sponsored by several prominent brands that share a passion for pet welfare and holistic living . These sponsors not only contribute to the success of the event but also provide exciting prizes and products for the winners and participants.

Sponsor Lineup

  1. Love, Nala – This brand offers wholesome, healthy, and nutritious cat food, treats, and supplements, ensuring that feline companions receive the best possible nutrition .
  2. KONG – The iconic pet toy company will provide a specially curated box filled with their renowned interactive toys and treats for the champions .
  3. Furbaby Socks – This unique company creates custom socks featuring beloved furry companions, donating 5% of their net profits to the ASPCA to support animal welfare initiatives .
  4. Crown & Paw – Specializing in custom pet portraits, Crown & Paw transforms cherished companions into regal masterpieces, capturing their unique personalities and spirits .
  5. Cymbiotika – Dedicated to holistic living, Cymbiotika offers soy-free, GMO-free, and preservative-free products for both humans and pets, promoting overall well-being .
Love, NalaNutritious cat food, treats, and supplements
KONGSpecially curated box for champions
Furbaby SocksCustom pet socks, donating 5% to ASPCA
Crown & PawCustom pet portraits
CymbiotikaHolistic products for humans and pets

These sponsors’ involvement not only adds value to the competition but also highlights their commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and supporting animal welfare organizations .


The america’s favorite pet vote 2024 competition encapsulates the enduring bond between humans and their beloved furry companions. With inspiring stories like Destiny and Ysera, the event not only celebrates the joy of pet ownership but also raises awareness about the importance of advocating for special-needs animals. The overwhelming support from participants, celebrities, and sponsors highlights the collective commitment to promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

As the competition draws to a close, it leaves a lasting impact on the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. The funds raised will contribute to PAWS’ noble mission of providing care and support for animals in need, ensuring they find loving homes or thrive in their natural habitats. The ‘America’s Favorite Pet’ competition serves as a reminder that every pet deserves love, compassion, and a chance to shine, inspiring us all to be more mindful and dedicated pet owners.


Q: What is the process for casting a vote in america’s favorite pet vote 2024 competition? A: To vote for America’s Favorite Pet, individuals must use a Facebook account or a valid card to submit their Free Daily Votes. This verification process helps prevent fraudulent votes from bots and automated voting software.

Q: Can you explain how the america’s favorite pet vote 2024 competition operates? A: America’s Favorite Pet is an annual event where pet owners rally support from family, friends, and social media followers to vote online for their pets. The goal is to win the grand prize, which includes a feature on the cover of Modern Cat or Modern Dog magazine and a cash prize of $10,000.

Q: What prizes are awarded to the winner of america’s favorite pet vote 2024? A: The winner of America’s Favorite Pet competition receives a cash prize of $10,000 and the prestigious opportunity to be featured on the cover of Modern Cat or Modern Dog magazine. This is a highly sought-after accolade in the pet community.Q: How many dogs participate in the america’s favorite pet vote 2024 competition? A: The competition is designed to highlight one cat and one dog each year, allowing each of these pets to become a celebrated figure on newsstands as America’s Favorite Pet. for more Details click here.