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The Classic Fly Rod Forum is an online community dedicated to discussions revolving around classic and bamboo fly rods, a niche within the classic fly fishing realm  It aims to connect enthusiasts who collect, fish with, repair, or build classic bamboo fly rods, providing a platform to share information and insights .

The forum features sub-forums covering various topics, including technical support, bamboo fly rod collecting, fishing with bamboo rods, rod making and restoration, and information about renowned rod makers and manufacturers . With moderators overseeing different sections, it fosters civil discourse on the history and craftsmanship of classic fly tackle .

Sage Fly Rods

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Winston Fly Rods

The requested topic about Winston fly rods reviews does not exist on the Classic Fly Rod Forum . Winston was once a highly respected fly rod company, known for its quality craftsmanship and innovative designs under the leadership of Tom Morgan and Glenn Brackett . Learn more informational articals click here.

Winston’s Decline in Quality

After Tom Morgan’s health declined and he sold the company, the new ownership led to changes that the author felt were detrimental to the company’s character and quality . Key employees like Glenn Brackett and Sam Druckman left the company, and the author felt the quality of Winston’s rod designs and construction declined .

The author was initially hopeful when Winston brought in new management talent like Jim Murphy, but was disappointed when Murphy and others later left the company . The author believes Winston’s current ownership and management are more focused on cost-cutting and profits rather than investing in innovation and quality craftsmanship .

Author’s Perspective

The author is doubtful that Winston can regain its former status as an industry leader without new ownership and a renewed commitment to excellence . The author still has respect for the legacy of Winston rods made under Tom Morgan’s leadership, but no longer has faith in the current Winston products or company .

Scott Fly Rods

Several makers have built bamboo rods for Scott over the years, including Mario Wojnicki, Bernard Ramanauskas, and Naoki Hashimoto . There is no clear consensus on which Scott bamboo rod is considered the ‘best’, as opinions vary among forum members .

Bamboo Rod Preferences

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Some prefer the Mario Wojnicki rods, while others like the Bernard Ramanauskas 6’11” 4-weight rod in particular . The Naoki Hashimoto rods are also praised for their fine finish and performance . The Scott bamboo rods are considered exclusive and collectible, with the Mario Wojnicki rods potentially fetching higher prices than his own branded rods .

Some forum members note that the Scott bamboo rods tend to be on the shorter and lighter side, with a desire for a longer 8’3″ 5-weight option . Read more travel related articles click here.

Scott ‘G’ Series Graphite Rods

The original Scott ‘G’ series of graphite fly rods were first released nearly half a century ago, from the mid-70s to the early 2000s . Older G rods had a thinner thread finish and black aluminum fittings on the reel seats with delrin butt caps, while newer rods use epoxy on the wraps and nickel silver on the reel seats .

Rods with serial numbers between 10,000 and 30,000 are considered the best, and rods with ‘solid block scott’ or ‘scott powr ply’ on the rod tubes are from the preferred eras . The 5-piece rods, 906, and 856 models are all excellent dry fly rods, but not the first choice for streamers or nymphing . The preferred line for the G rods is the 444 peach DT, which is true to weight .

New ‘Session’ Rod Series

Scott has released a new mid-priced fly rod series called the ‘Session’ . The Session rods cover a 3-8 weight range and feature a wood reel seat and green thread wraps . The rods are currently only available at Telluride Angler, not yet on the Scott website, suggesting a limited or early release .

The Session rods are priced at $675, which some consider to be on the higher end of ‘mid-priced’ . Telluride Angler describes the Session rods as ‘stellar performers to be cherished by anglers worldwide’, while some forum members express mixed opinions .

Orvis Fly Rods

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