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United Web Site Award Givers is a concept which began in 2001, whereby those who offer website awards and the web site owner or designer seeking an award could be part of the same community.  This joint effort for excellence in web design has allowed for a large group of men and women who have devoted a great deal of their time for superior web design in all aspects.

We directly investigate, educate, and discuss the following;

  • Legal issues of web design, copyright, and privacy
  • Web design to W3C code, whether it be HTML, XHTML, CSS, or XML
  • Web design suited to those with sight, hearing, or other disabilities

UWSAG is the culmination of the talents of many men and women.  Those award programs listed in our Halls have worked and sacrificed for the rating they have earned.  Those websites listed as a Seal of Approval nominee must continue to improve their skills and subsequently their web sites as they earn votes from those award programs bearing a UWSAG rating. Together, we form a community of web design connoisseurs with a common goal of personal and professional excellence. We hope that you will find this quality inviting, and join us!

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